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I’m sharing below different types of content written for various purposes. At a high level, almost all of the content on kolabtree.com/blog is sourced, written and designed by me, including the layout, plugins, etc.

1. A landing page communicating our value to small businesses: https://www.kolabtree.com/solutions/small-businesses

2. Optimizing SEO and content on this page, ranks #1 for “hire a chemist” https://www.kolabtree.com/find-an-expert/subject/chemistry

3. A short, high-converting blog post speaking to a high-intent audience: https://www.kolabtree.com/blog/how-to-hire-a-chemist/ (ranks #1 for “how to hire a chemist”)  

4. An article published in Business Matters UK, ranking #1 for long-tail keyword “how to take a food product to market”: https://bmmagazine.co.uk/in-business/advice/seven-steps-for-taking-your-food-product-to-market/

5.  A blog post addressing a specific pain point at the “consideration” stage of the journey: https://www.kolabtree.com/blog/7-tips-to-protect-your-ip-while-working-with-a-freelancer/ (a version of this was published in Startups Magazine UK)

6. A blog post solving a specific problem, which helped us get visibility among clients: https://www.kolabtree.com/blog/how-healthcare-companies-can-recover-from-the-medic-update-in-3-steps/

7. An email that saw one of our highest CTRs/conversions:

8. An example of a LinkedIn post that performed well (part of a series of freelancer features):  https://www.linkedin.com/feed/update/urn:li:activity:6823557288691802112/

9. A recent success story about vegan eggs being used in client pitches

10. Using storytelling and LinkedIn carousels to showcase our success stories

11. A white paper on a complex topic (EU MDR compliance), which I researched and put together on Canva, used as a lead magnet

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