Wild Swimming

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I’ve recently rediscovered my love for wild swimming. I love the feeling of the ground giving way beneath my feet. I love exploring the underneath of the surface… a glimpse into just how much we can’t see upfront. In the water, I feel like how I’ve felt for most of my life: unanchored, yet afloat. Yes. I think I will get that tattooed 😀
But I’v
For an avid overthinker, swimming has helped me (literally) strip down to the basics. There’s no puzzle to piece together, no mystery to solve. In the water, I feel exhilarated, liberated.. but more than anything else, I find relief. A lightness, a letting down of guard, a letting go of things, an abandoning of all “extras”.

I’ve always loved jumping into waterfalls and have done so across various places in India… from the Western Ghats to Meghalaya. But this year has been the Year of Swimming in the UK. I’ve swum in the sea (Cornwall),  in a tarn (Lake District) and in the river (Cambridgeshire). On a trip to Oslo, I managed to get into the icy waters of a Norwegian sun, where I swam for a good half an hour in the summer sun. Later I snuck in a solo swim in Sognsvann lake, surrounded by pine trees. I’ve now got a nice swimsuit mark on my body that I’m wearing with battle scar-like pride. Swimming has helped me develop a stronger relationship my (otherwise clumsy) body and has helped me deepen my trust in myself. Woooooo ok bye running off to become a fish.

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