What kind of world are we creating?

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Long ago there lived a group of five friends. Each one was very different from the other. But they didn’t mind it, and agreed to disagree on many issues. One day a group of big cruel giants came and started separating them and putting them into different cages based on their looks. They built walls so that the friends could … Read More

Happy New Year 2017

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2016’s been a pretty bad year overall, and it’s a big relief to say goodbye to it once and for all! Let’s welcome 2017 with a resolve to do our bit in making this big bad world a more peaceful place.

All lives matter

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Innocent black people getting killed, innocent white people being killed, the Orlando shooting, the refugee crisis, the ongoing wars, the Kashmir struggle, the Nice incident, the constantly-horrifying news, the lives lost. Innocent men, women, families, kids, babies. Villages, towns, cities, countries. It don’t matter if you’re black or white or brown or gay or straight or rich or poor or from … Read More

The depressing state of women safety

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So many women in India face abuse on a daily basis – while commuting, while walking to the grocery store, in theatres, malls, schools, colleges, cities, towns and villages.I was horrified to learn of the Rohtak case. Will there ever be an end to such incidents?

The refugee crisis… what you can do

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It’s heart-breaking to see the updates about the ongoing refugee crisis. There might be no simple way of putting an end to this horror and tragedy, but those of us sitting in our safe, well-protected environments do have the power to help, in whatever capacity. Every bit counts. The Guardian has a useful list up here of what we can … Read More