A walk to Eel Tarn, Eskdale, Lake District

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Eel Tarn, a glacial lake on top of a hill in Lake District’s Eskdale, is as beautiful as they say it is. The village of Boot in Eskdale is a hub for hikers and mountain-walkers, providing a gateway to some of Lake District’s most spectacular fells. But an injured foot meant that I could not take on a long hike. … Read More

Blea Tarn, Little Langdale: A Lake District gem

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Blea Tarn in Little Langdale is probably one of the most spectacular lakes I’ve ever seen. It’s a place that’s hard to describe without using one too many adjectives. The tarn is not the easiest to get to: though it was only an hour away from Ambleside, where my partner and I were staying, the drive was fairly tricky, uphill … Read More

Piddington Circular Walk, Oxfordshire

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The Piddington circular walk is a varied but easy walk in rural Oxfordshire. The 6-mile route takes you through vast grazing lands, dotted with placid sheep and somewhat suspicious cows. The path follows the slope up Muswell Hill, one of the highest points in the Cherwell District, which overlooks the gentle, rolling slopes of the valley.  My partner and I … Read More

Bourneend to Little Marlow Walk: A day out in the Chilterns

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The Bourne End to Little Marlow walk takes you through the peaceful Spade Oak reserve and stunning Thames valley views. It’s a quintessential Chilterns walk, one that I’ve gone back to over the years. I was introduced to the concept of circular walks a few years ago when I moved to England. One of the walks that I’ve grown particularly … Read More

A walk in the neighbourhood: Cherry Hinton, Cambridge

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One of the things I love most about muggy, overcast days is that all the colours of the earth below seem richer in contrast to the grey skies. The grass looks greener, the daffodils brighter. As I lock the door of my house to step out for a walk, I notice that the pillbugs that are usually near the rose … Read More

How birding helped me cope with the COVID-19 lockdown

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A short essay on how birding helped me stay sane during the lockdown in the UK and took me through the seasons of almost an entire year 🙂 It was a lovely March afternoon when I found myself standing under a gigantic horse chestnut tree in the middle of the Cherry Hinton Hall park, with tears running down my cheeks. … Read More

An Illustrated Keswick Walk: Walla Crag to Ashness Bridge

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Keswick walk: Walla Crag to Ashness Bridge

An illustrated account of the much-talked-about Keswick walk: the route from Walla Crag to Ashness Bridge (starting at Great Wood). For a detailed route, check out the National Trust website. One of the hardest decisions to make as a first-timer in the Lake District is to decide which fell you’re going to take on. After much debating, I announced to … Read More