Independence Day: In Collaboration with CRY

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A collaboration with the NGO CRY: Child Rights and You this Independence Day. It’s been 71 years since we became an independent nation, but there are many children in India who don’t know freedom. There are about 10 million child labourers in the country and close to 15 million girls who are married before the legal age. Let’s help liberate the … Read More

Sampling India

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India has a rich and diverse foodscape, with the cuisine changing as you travel from state to state, from the coast to the hills, from the desert to the mountains. Here is a sampling of some of the most common meals that can be found pan-India… and of course, it includes the ubiquitous chai. These illustrations were originally done as … Read More

Gundmi: Of paddy fields and barefoot simplicity

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My right leg was starting to hurt as I balanced all my weight on it mid-step, trying to not make a sound. We were standing on the bund of a paddy field, and had just spotted a kingfisher enjoy the afternoon sun. It bobbed up and down, as the branch it sat on swayed gently in the breeze. Below it, … Read More

A different kind of Indian wedding

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So many brides in India get married in a system that still follows the appalling practice of dowry. After the ‘kanyadaan’, there is a ‘vidai/bidai’ ceremony where the bride leaves behind her maternal home to take the husband’s home as her own. But there is no ritual where the groom does the same. The bride’s family also supports the wedding … Read More

Happy Holi!

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Every year, I’m fascinated by the riot of colours that spring brings. As Holi celebrates harvest, colour, and the beginning of this beautiful season, let’s leave behind some long-lasting colour for the world to enjoy!  

Magical Monsoons of India: Reminiscing the Rains

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A nostalgia-soaked essay on the magical monsoons of India. There’s nothing that says home like thunderous rain and hot roadside bhutta (roasted corn). It’s the season that brings a whole upheaval of emotions. Great big drops fall from the saturated sky, at that breaking point beyond which the earth can’t hold back anymore. These are tears of happiness, of sadness, … Read More

Wedding Card #16

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It’s that beautiful time of the year again… when I get to hear so many love stories! 😛 There’s nothing more I love than making customized wedding invitation cards. Here’s a recent one I did for a couple who met in Hyderabad, lived in London and the US.. and are now getting married on a boat in Kerala  🙂   … Read More

For a Swachh Bharat #3

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Another festival, another ‘celebration’. But of course, we only care about having our fun. Cleaning up is, as always, somebody else’s job.

Swachh Bharat #2

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The second in the Swachh Bharat series, prompted by the frothing lakes of Bangalore and Hyderabad. Choke the earth with toxins, and she will eventually throw up!

Cherrapunjee | A trek to the double-decker living root bridge

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The living root bridges of Meghalaya are one of the only such structures in the world. Here’s an illustrated account of the exhilarating trek to the double-decker bridge at Nongriat, Cherrapunjee, Meghalaya. “Ow!” I cry, as a steel nail pricks my palm. Hurriedly withdrawing my hand from the railing, I put another foot forward on the suspension bridge, which sways … Read More

Swachh Bharat #1

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Appalled by the overflowing garbage and frothing lakes everywhere, I’m starting a #SwachhBharat series. Here’s the first, my take on this mass murder we call Ganesh Visarjan or Immersion. We kill fish, birds, the rivers that we supposedly worships, lakes, ponds, plants, animals, and ultimately, humans. Chunks and bits of shattered, broken Ganeshas, heavy metals, paper, bottles, plastic, cement. It’s … Read More

Karnataka, Tamil Nadu

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Surprising to see that the Cauvery waters issue has reached such a peak, and there’s violence in otherwise peaceful places like Bangalore and Chennai. They’re two of my favourite cities. Here they are, getting some breakfast and sharing some coffee.

The sound of home

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Just one of the sounds of home… the ‘mixie’! Others being pressure cooker whistles, the familiar doorbell.. and something that I’ve really missed abroad.. the white noise of a ceiling fan 🙂 What’s your ‘home’ sound?