The Tap Calendar 2023 (Digital download)


Now you can download The Tap Desktop Calendar 2023 in digital format! Made to fit on A4 so you can print it out with ease. 🙂

To buy the physical calendar (India/UK) please see:

Out of stock



Now you can download The Tap calendar as a high-res, printable PDF! Fits beautifully on A4. 🙂 Features 14 comics about growing plants, climbing mountains, and finding peace.

Why a digital download? 

As a tiny business, since the pandemic, I’ve struggled to ship my work globally with the same ease as before. Shipping rates have sky-rocketed, the UK’s Royal Mail has been on strike on and off, and Brexit has impacted customs rules between the UK and EU. It’s getting harder to justify the cross-country shipping costs of my calendar.

While there are no issues shipping to/within India and the UK, I encourage you to download a PDF instead if you’re based in another part of the world.

  • It’s environment-friendly. It uses less (no) packaging and reduces carbon footprint.
  • It avoids the postage delays caused by various factors such as the recent mail strikes in the UK and country-specific customs issues.
  • It’s cheaper – both for you and for me.