Virtual friends

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For virtual friends that have kept confidential my confessions, provided support without judgement, and been witness to a pretty ‘real’ version of me.

Mental Health: Seeking Help

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Often we invalidate our feelings because of guilt, because we feel the problem isn’t “big enough”, and so it grows quietly into something that damages our everyday functioning. You wouldn’t not attend to a bleeding cut on your finger because someone else has an open wound. “Others have it worse” is not a reason for us to not live the … Read More

Window seat view: Taking a train through the Scottish Highlands

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Loch Trieg Bothy

Recounting the experience of travelling by train through the Scottish Highlands. An artist’s dream! Five and a half hours on a train through rugged mountains, thick pine forest and uninhabited moors. The West Highland Railway Line seemed to promise a much-needed mental and physical detour. So tempting was this train ride from Glasgow to Mallaig, that I booked a return … Read More


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Probably the most honest comic I’ve ever put up. I’ve realized the importance of boundaries quite late in life but hopefully it’s not too late 🙂

International Women’s Day 2021

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Here’s wishing for a world without limits. In which we can walk the streets without having to carry with us a variety of self-defence mechanisms and tools (pepper spray, umbrellas, scarves, pen knives.. the list is endless), without having to be on high alert and think of what-ifs, without having constant anxiety. A world in which we don’t feel guilty … Read More