Sampling India

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India has a rich and diverse foodscape, with the cuisine changing as you travel from state to state, from the coast to the hills, from the desert to the mountains. Here is a sampling of some of the most common meals that can be found pan-India… and of course, it includes the ubiquitous chai.

These illustrations were originally done as part of a series on Indian food for a travel client, Gomowgli. Part 2 will probably follow in due course…


Why we travel!

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All of us want to getaway and run off to the mountains or to beaches where we can dance in grass skirts. I think travel is a way of saying goodbye to the old, shedding off the past and growing into a new person. It enriches you so much, and the people (and animals) you meet along the way have the power to change your perspective for good. It can bring as much adrenaline as it can bring peace.




Wandertales #1

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I’m excited to announce that I will be collaborating with Neelima Vallangi of The Wandering Soul’s Wander Tales to bring you a bi-monthly travel comic strip, “WANDERTALES”! Neelima is a writer, photographer, traveller, trekker, and an inspiration 🙂

She writes the stories.

I draw the comics.

Together, we bring to you little visual stories about travel experiences, insights, incidents and learnings.

Check out #1!