The Tap Desktop Calendar 2022

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The Tap Desktop Calendar 2022 is out! This time in a super-special format 🙂 Scroll down for more pictures.

To buy within India, click here

For shipping within the UK, EU, USA and rest of the world, choose from the drop down below. Prices include shipping. Delivery times are 1 week within India and 2-3 weeks for the rest of the world. (Note: Orders placed outside India between 1st and 22nd of December will be shipped after 22nd Dec.)

Choose quantity and location
No. of calendarsShipping toPrice
AnyIndiaClick here
1 calendarUK & EU£22 20
2 calendarsUK & EU £40 36
3 calendarsUK & EU £56 50
1 calendarUSA/Rest of the world£30 27
2 calendarsUSA/Rest of the world £55 50
3 calendarsUSA/Rest of the world £80 72

Please contact me in case you have any issues with payments!

This time, I’ve chosen to make the calendar super special by letting you customize the comic for each month! You’ve got 15 comics to choose from. Flip the comics and date sections independently of each other 🙂

Mental Health: Seeking Help

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Often we invalidate our feelings because of guilt, because we feel the problem isn’t “big enough”, and so it grows quietly into something that damages our everyday functioning. You wouldn’t not attend to a bleeding cut on your finger because someone else has a massive open wound. “Others have it worse” is not a reason for us to not live the best version of ourselves.