What is art?

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​​Elitism in art has always amused me. A lot of artists are annoyed nowadays that platforms like Insta juxtapose what’s considered “real” art against amateur (and sometimes, more popular) art. The truth is that a lot of artists like to consider themselves as “true” artists. Specific types of art are held in contempt. There’s so much hierarchy that’s crept in. Many years ago a highly acclaimed artist told me that my work was drab and I realized it was because he only considered his style of work as true art. But isn’t it cool to celebrate and appreciate the diversity of creative output? People drawing on their phones, on tablets, o​​n paper, detailed work, spontaneous work, trained artists, accidental artists, ‘just having fun’ artists. It’s an incredible community. 

At the end of the day all creators are just people like you and me trying to do something with their lives. I’ve often been asked for advice to artists/creators and I have this to say — do what is honest and what feels right to you. It doesn’t matter whether people praise it or diss it, as long as it makes you feel fulfilled. What someone calls gallery-worthy might be forgettable for others. 

You only have one life to live and if you feel like creating a piece of art that makes you feel good (or makes someone else feel good), go ahead and do it. Whether it’s drawing stick people or intricate patterns, watercolour landscapes or digital art, don’t let someone else’s opinion affect what you have to contribute to the world.