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It’s hard to help someone who is grieving a grave loss. Life is unfair, as is death. What do you do? You can’t make empty promises or talk about better times when today it’s hard to get out of bed. I made this comic for a dear friend going through a difficult time. I hope there’s some kind of solace for all of us in knowing that you are never alone.

A special kind of privilege

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I’ve always made a conscious choice to not be in the rat race, and I’ve found that not chasing money gives you other luxuries. I realize what a privilege it is to be in this position: to be able to decline power and money, and choose the freedom that time and mindspace offers. Over the last 13 years, I’ve balanced a full-time job (source of income) along with my side hustle (my labour of love!). I’ve consciously picked jobs that have made me feel satisfied, worthy, and fulfilled, rather than just adding to my bank balance. Would I have been as happy had I chased bigger paychecks? There’s no way to know for sure. But having had the choice to say no has been incredibly rewarding. 

20s vs 30s

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20s vs 30s: illustrating the differences in self-awareness, attitudes and existential crises. I seem to have got better at saying no, still have the same passion for train travel, made my social circle smaller but closer, and I continue to be as clueless as I was a decade ago. Only this time, I’m okay with the cluelessness. 🙂

A life I’ve loved (Autumn leaves)

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I love collecting souvenirs from walks and travels: leaves, shells, feathers, stones. With autumn setting in, I thought this was a perfect way to celebrate the season. I made this piece with leaves I’ve collected from walks around Cambridge. The Oxalis triangularis (pretty flower-like leaf at the bottom) is a houseplant I dearly love and have managed to keep alive for almost a year now. The first leaf is from the gorgeous tulip trees that line the avenues in the Backs in Cambridge. The second is from my Pilea (Chinese money plant) — note how curly the edges are though they appear perfectly round on the plant. The third leaf is from the Beechwoods Nature Reserve near Great Shelford. I love looking up at beech canopies and how the angle of sunlight can change the colours! The cherry tree leaf (‘winds I’ve weathered’) is from the trees where I live, Cherry Hinton. I love how pretty cherry trees look in autumn, such beautiful gold-red shades! Both maple leaves are from trees in Cherry Hinton Hall Park. The oak has become a nice familiar tree, I picked up this classic beauty on a road near my place. The bracken fern leaf I found this autumn on a hike in Eskdale, Lake District – the plant that gives the hills their gold-brown colour. The second last leaf is from the mostly-ignored pile of leaves that collect below my Ficus houseplant, one I’ve had for over three years. The gingko (last leaf) is from trees somewhere in the town centre: I like how they’re one of the oldest species of tree (with all others in the family being extinct) but to me they always look fresh, new and welcoming.

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