High performance and burnout

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What I learned from burnout: It’s impossible to consistently and sustainably deliver an “exceeds expectations” performance. Somedays the sun hides, the plant refuses to grow: even nature rebels. You have to lower the flame to keep it burning longer.

Lost and found

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I’m always amazed by how a familiar (or unfamiliar) song can make me feel right at home. I seem to constantly find myself in music: an upbeat song playing in an auto-rickshaw in India, jazz melodies in a fancy restaurant in London, the quiet strumming of a lone busker, the cacophony of a pub at night. Sometimes I stop in the middle of a street to listen to music I can hear being played in the market or in a cafe, and I feel so full, it’s almost like fishing myself out of a sea of unknowns and giving myself an identity.


20s vs 30s

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20s vs 30s: illustrating the differences in self-awareness, attitudes and existential crises. I seem to have got better at saying no, still have the same passion for train travel, made my social circle smaller but closer, and I continue to be as clueless as I was a decade ago. Only this time, I’m okay with the cluelessness. 🙂

The Tap Desktop Calendar 2022

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The Tap Desktop Calendar 2022 is out! This time in a super-special format 🙂 Scroll down for more pictures.

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1 calendarUK & EU£22 20
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2 calendarsUSA/Rest of the world £55 50
3 calendarsUSA/Rest of the world £80 72

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This time, I’ve chosen to make the calendar super special by letting you customize the comic for each month! You’ve got 15 comics to choose from. Flip the comics and date sections independently of each other 🙂